1. abandonedography:

    The Stone House on Balch Creek by jamzik

  5. cabinporn:

    A toue (shepherd’s shelter) in the Pyrénées.

    Submitted by Catherine Cussy.

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  6. killallskellys:


    A number reached an arbitrary point, and so it’s time to celebrate. Yes, I will be drawing a thing of your choosing for three (3) of my followers for ab-so-lute-ly free. So who is eligible for this amazing prize (valued at a hundred million dollars) you ask?

    To be a part of the giveaway you need to:

    Follow Killallskellys (it’s for my followers you see)
    Not be a giveaway blog (gross)
    Reblog and/or like this post (both count as a vote)

    I’ll be choosing the winners using a random number generator on the 20th of April 2014 and after that I’ll be playing Dark Souls 2 for 48 hours straight.

    About 12 hours or so left.

  7. eyecager:

    Shape is one of those words that sound really weird when you say it over and over again.

    Welcome to your new curse.

  9. atelier-sento:

    Hello! Your post a few weeks ago about the materials you’re currently using was lovely. I enjoy seeing how artists I admire create their works. I was wondering what journal you use to do your watercolor sketches. Is it also the Canson, C à grain? The one in the picture looks like a good, sturdy paper that took the washes well. Keep up the great work!

    Many thanks for your kind words!
    We love sketchbooks at the Atelier Sentô. Here are the ones we are using those days.

    From top to bottom:

    1- Sketchbook D&S, by Hahnemühle
    The paper (140g) is strong enough for watercolor sketches.
    This is the one you were asking about and you can learn more about it right here!

    2- The same in red and in a different size.

    3- A beautiful handmade sketchbook, by Elam
    Soft cover handbound of acid free laid Fabriano paper, 180g/m². Colour: cream. Middle-age cut.
    This one is wonderful for wash drawing and watercolors. The paper is perfect! You can learn more about it right here.

    4- A small sketchbook, by Ars Nova (120g)
    Cecile uses it for colored pencils drawings.

    5- A sketchbook from Italy, by Il Papiro
    It has a beautiful thin paper and we uses it to sketch ideas with a ball-point pen. You can learn more about it right here.

  11. wannabeanimator:

    Digital Painting - The Danger of Painting Silhouettes (And Speed-Painting)

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  13. lucyknisley:



    The end of June marks a full six months of sky swatching in 2013! Once a day, every day, each month bearing a different theme. Last month’s theme was Other People Swatching: I provided the swatches, allowed the participant to find the match, and then directed them for the photograph. It allowed me to get a new sense of distance from the project while also forcing me to talk about it- from a general explanation to more detailed guidance for finding a good color match. As an extension of this, I’m looking for anyone who might be interested in taking a sky swatch for me during the month of July. (Yes, I know I’m cutting this a little late! Woops! But I’ve got the first week covered so, you know, buffer.) 

    I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    To put it artistcally, the body of work investigates our relationship with the sky, explores the distinctions between perception and reality, and investigates the importance of emotional response versus scientific analysis. You can see all of the photos from the whole year at my flickr or by searching “blue is the sky” in my tags where you can also find some bits of writing from along the way.

    What would taking a swatch entail?

    Use a set of Behr house paint swatches find the color of the sky at any given point and take a picture of the match. The time of day, location, direction and composition of the photograph would be up to the swatcher.

    Do I have to be local to be a swatcher?

    Heck no! I would LOVELOVELOVE to get some matches/photographs from as many places as possible!! 

    How on earth do I get enough paint swatches?

    Well, I got mine for free from a local Home Depot by just walking in and then taking one of every card with a blue color on it. (When I started swatching at dawn/dusk/night, I went back and added more colors.) As a swatcher, you could either provide your own swatch kit (seriously- they’re kind of fun to take/make and paint swatches come in handy surprisingly often) or I could send you one via the mail. We could work this out on a swatcher-by-swatcher basis.

    Do I have to provide my own camera?

    Yes! But I have done almost all of my photos with my iphone. If you’d like to use a nice, fancy camera that would, of course, be totes awesome.

    Will I have a specific day that I am scheduled to take my swatch?

    Yes! Once I have an idea of who is going to be participating, you and I can work out when would be best for you to swatch. We would probably also touch base on that day and, of course, afterwards so that I can get your photograph and add it to the project.

    If any of this sounds interesting to you I would love it if you got in touch!! Send me a tumblr ask! Still have questions? Also send me a tumblr ask!! 

    I’m having so much fun with this you, guys. Please think about participating!


    Come ooonnnnn you know you want to! 

    I am doing the HECK outta this! 

    Even though Nora’s already let me do a couple. This is a really beautiful, fun project, and I love that she’s making it participatory this month! Join in— swatch the world!

  14. blackparadox:

    InAisce x Taiana Collaboration 

    [outer: felted merino wool collab: TAIANA]
    [inner: silver-dusted cotton/ramie/washi paper]
    [hat: reverse resin-sprayed lamb]
    [skirt: waxed cotton]
    [boots: reverse horse ongoing collab: LAYER-0]


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  15. artofjasonkang:

    Digital landscape paintings I did on location and finished up at home :) Left to right: Eaton Canyon, Matador Beach, Joshua Tree, JPL hiking trail and Vasquez Rocks